Episode 2: Afro-Latinx Artists

Afro-Latinx communities have been central to the development of Latinx music – though folks don’t always get their due credit. We didn’t want to get too many episodes in without acknowledging this, so in today’s episode we spotlight some amazing Afro-Latinx artists. There’s no way to cover the depths of Afro-Latinxs’ influence on music in thirty minutes, so we’re linking to some more great resources and work by folks in the community. We hope you’ll take a look!

Please check out: The LatiNegrxs Project, which actively seeks to promote the narratives and perspectives of LatiNegrxs worldwide; The Afro-Latino Festival, which celebrates the contributions that people of African descent from Latin America and the Caribbean have made to New York City and global culture as a whole, and which has a can’t-miss lineup this year; Latino USA’s Afro-Latino episode for perspectives from Afro-Latinxs across generations and diasporas; and the always amazing Alt.Latino’s episodes on Black History Month and with guest DJ/Afro-Puerto Rican badass Tego Calderón.

Listen to the episode on iTunes or Soundcloud, and don’t forget to subscribe!

As always, the music we featured on today’s episode is below and – BONUS! – we made y’all a playlist of some of our faves, who we couldn’t all include in the time we had. Disfruten!

Nitty Scott MC – Negrita 

El General – Tu Pum Pum

Ibeyi – River

Yunel Cruz – Dominicanita

Xenia Rubinos – Ultima

Celia Cruz – Yo viviré


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