Episode 8: Nostalgia

Have you ever missed your tierra something fierce? Maybe you left when you were young. Maybe you’re the child of immigrants or political exiles, and you’ve never even been there. Maybe you’re undocumented and can’t go back. Pero you know you know that yearning: home.

Gloria’s right: La tierra te duele. La tierra te da en el medio del alma cuando tu no estás.

Today’s episode is about nostalgia. Homesickness. Diaspora feels! Featuring songs that remind us of home: of the struggle, the hard parts, the beauty, and the resistance. Music and links below.

Listen on iTunesSoundcloudStitcher and Google Play.

As promised, here’s Vero’s interview with the amazing La Yegros! And check out #rapuela for some amazing rap videos featuring Gloria’s mom and her daughter Emily.

Mi Tierra – Gloria Estefan


De Donde Vengo Yo – ChocQuibTown

537 C.U.B.A. – Orishas

Throes + The Shine ft. La Yegros – Guerreros

Crónica De Una Inmigración Anunciada – Bacilos

Jungla Inquieta – Maria Usbeck



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