Episode 9: Shade

Throwing shade. At lovers who have scorned you, lovers who have left you, lovers who have cheated. Throwing shade at former friends, competitors, others in the business. Songs with artful lyrics that master the art of the diss with amazing metaphors, puns and burns.

This week’s episode is all about shade, and the songs that do it oh-so-well. Including convos about the origins of the word shade (hint: queer people of color, specifically ball culture), Vero’s love for Mariah Carey (did you know she’s Venezolana?), why Pérez is mad that she gets so much hate for being a gemini and much more.

Listen on iTunesSoundcloudStitcher and Google Play.

P.S. Check us out on Latina Magazine in this lovely interview with Rachel Reichard. And we’ve now got a section on this website for all the chisme about Radio Menea. We love it when folks are talking about us!

Obsessed–Mariah Carey

LluviaEddie Santiago

Loner–Kali Uchis 

InfielKarlos Rosé

Tu No Tiene View–Zutzut 

Vete Con El–El Super Nuevo 

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