Episode 13: Class

This week we’re bringing you an extra special treat: our first ever Radio Menea guest! Maria Elena Pérez joins us to talk about songs we love that deal with class-related themes. Songs about money struggles, about why materialism is overrated, songs about love across class divides, and more.

But we’re also bringing this theme because we want to talk about the activist movement that brought us together–reproductive justice. Next week is the 40th anniversary of a really crappy piece of legislation called the Hyde Amendment, which basically keeps low-income folks, and people on other forms of government insurance (government employees, military, people with disabilities) from using their insurance coverage to pay for their abortions. We think it’s total bs, so we’re taking this week’s episode to shout out the United for Abortion Coverage Week of Action, and emphasize that being poor shouldn’t determine what healthcare you can access.

Listen on iTunesSoundcloudStitcher and Google Play. As always, featured songs are below!

Monedita–La Santa Cecilia

Lo Poco Que Tengo–Ricardo Arjona

Amor de Madre–Aventura

La Criada–Amandititita

Gangsta en Español–Kat Dahlia (the English language version has an amazing video, check it out)

Amor Prohibido–Selena


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