Episode 27: Food with Latinos Who Lunch

Están redi? We got to meet (IRL!) with the chamacos over at Latinos Who Lunch and it was F-U-N. So today, with the fab Babelito and FavyFav, we bring you an episode full de música about food, obvio! And because we could only talk about four songs, we also put together a little playlist for you with more music about food that the four of us love.

We also recorded an episode for Latinos Who Lunch, so if you haven’t listened already, que esperas? Check out our Latinos Who Lunch episode to hear all the chisme and LOLs!

Listen on iTunesSoundcloudStitcher and Google Play. As always, song details after the jump!

Arroz con Habichuela – El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

El Tamalero – Oscar Padilla

Jardinera – Rita Indiana

El Colesterol – Fito Olivares


One thought on “Episode 27: Food with Latinos Who Lunch

  1. Cristina Cruz Navarro says:

    Absolutely loved this episode! So happy to see latinxs coming together and shining with our collective power. Se les quiere Vero, Perez, Babelito, y Favy Fav. Pa’lante ❤ y saludos desde Sacramento, California.


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