Episode 35: Intoxicated

On this week’s episode, we bring you songs about being intoxicated: with substances, with love, with our total lack of fucks to give. Our usual variedad, pero maybe a bit tipsy. ¿Si ya saben como nos ponemos pa que nos invitan?

Wanna listen elsewhere? We’re also on Apple PodcastsStitcher and Google Play. As always, song details after the jump!

And! You can find the profile of Rubby that Vero wrote & we mentioned in the episode here.

A.Chal – Love N Hennessy

Los Panchos y Eydie Gormé – Sabor A Mi

Rubby – Confiesa

Los Titanes de Durango – El Borracho

Empress Of – Go To Hell 

Maluma – Borro Cassette


One thought on “Episode 35: Intoxicated

  1. SBH says:

    Thank you so much for this episode and for your podcast. I am a middle-aged white woman living in rural Vermont, where I never hear Latinx music on the radio. I was a bad drunk white girl in Mexico for a long time, and now I work helping Mexican and Guatemalan farmworkers access education and learn English in Vermont. The guys I work with love bachata, cumbia, and reggaeton, which I know so little about. I love to learn about music from them, but I also very much appreciate your smart queer female curatorial presence on my long drives to farms in the middle of nowhere. And to learn about Rubby, who I might actually be able to see perform someday! I have discovered so many fabulous artists through your podcast, and I’m doing my best to buy the albums I love and put money in those folks’ pockets. One thing, though: those aren’t 40s in the Borracho video. Mexican caguamas are only 32 ounces. That’s maybe the only thing I could ever school you on. Unless you do an episode on 90s rock en español. Speaking of which, Quisiera Ser Alcohol by Los Caifanes would have been a good one for this episode. Check it out if you haven’t heard it!


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