Episode 21: Novela Feels [ENCORE]

Real talk. Sometimes your best laid plans don’t work out. Sometimes the amazing episode you prepped and recorded gets royally f’d beyond repair and you have to go with plan b. So today we’re re-releasing one of our fave episodes from this past year–Novela Feels! Enjoy bbs, and gracias por tu paciencia. We’ll be back next week with a new episode.

Some of our favorite songs are the most dram├íticas. Like boo, really? Your heartbreak hurts how bad? Ponte redi to cry in Spanish, because these songs are all over-the-top novela feels. Just so dramatic, it feels like your favorite telenovela. As if you haven’t been feeling every single feeling there is to feel already, verdad?

Featuring music by Monchy y Alexandra, Kablito, Jesse y Joy, Mr Pelon 503, Angel y Khriz, and Ela Minus. See this post for all the videos from this episode.


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