Episode 41: Indigenous Artists

Thanksgiving? No creo. This week we’re giving you a little antidote to some of the revisionist history that’s popular at this time of year by bringing indigenous artists who are making music that emphasizes their roots, integrating indigenous languages, instrumentation, and cultural references. We hope that you’ll hear evidence that the colonial project has failed – indigenous cultures today are alive despite it all, and this small sampling of dynamic and diverse bodies of work is a tiny taste of that lucha.

Featuring music by Dr. Sativo, M.C.H.e. & Tzutu Baktun Kan, Luzmila Carpio, Los Kjarkas, Los Nin, Mare Advertencia Lirika, A Tribe Called Red and Lido Pimienta. 

Wanna listen elsewhere? We’re also on Apple PodcastsStitcher and Google Play. As always, song details after the jump!

Ch’Ua Yaku Kawsaypuni – Luzmila Carpio (remixed by Nicola Cruz)

Identidad – Los Nin

Incómoda – Mare Advertencia Lirika

Llorando Se Fue – Los Kjarkas

The Light II – A Tribe Called Red ft Lido Pimienta

Lago Negro – Dr. Sativo, M.C.H.e. & Tzutu Baktun Kan


2 thoughts on “Episode 41: Indigenous Artists

  1. caro says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this theme! Def opened me up to some amazing indigenous artists! I was a lil bummed that I didn’t see Rebeca Lane on there… have y’all brought her yet? Please do, she’s so amazing!


  2. Andrés Gámez says:

    This was amazing! Looking forward to more indigenous artists episodes as there’s so much tela que cortar left.

    Can’t see the link to the article about Latinx groups who sing in indigenous languages 😳. Highly appreciated if anyone can point it out to me 😉


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