Episode 42: Escándalo

Ponte redi to clutch your pearls and turn a little bit red with this one queridxs. On this week’s episode we’re bringing you songs that are muy escandalosas! We’ve got cumbia, salsa, reggaeton, y más – as long as they are scandalous! Whether they’re raunchy AF or asserting their right to be escandalosas and proud of it, these artists and songs are gonna get your blood pumping.

As a bonus we’ve got two playlists to share with you tambien. One is the collaborative playlist the lovely fans and podcasters at Podcasterio Fest 2017 helped us create–it’s all songs that make them want to dance, and it’s an eclectic list! And Vero is re-sharing her appropriately titled “Eatin pussy” playlist, first shared back when she was at Feministing.

Wanna listen elsewhere? We’re also on Apple PodcastsStitcher and Google Play. As always, song details after the jump!

Ven Devórame Otra Vez – Lalo Rodriguez

Libre Atrevida y Loca – Rebeca Lane ft Miss Bolivia & Ali Gua Gua

Ropa Interior – Justin Quiles 

Bixa Travesti – Linn Da Quebrada

Downtown – Anitta & J Balvin 

City Grrrl – CSS




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