Episode 50: Colombia

This week we bring very special invitadx DJ Alex DB to get into some of the musical traditions of Colombia. We leave behind more well-known paisas – your J Balvins and Malumas – in favor of digging into vallenatos, sextetos, and AfroColombian musical traditions from what was probably the first free black community in the Americas. There is no way to cover the nuances and diversity of music of Colombia in six songs, pero we hope that this selection encourages you to search for más y más!

Featuring music by El Combo De Las Estrellas, Genio El Del Canto Bello, Adassa, Alejo Duran, Sexteto Tabalá, and Kombilesa Mi.

You can find DJ Alex DB on Facebook and Instagram, and you can listen to their latest mix on soundcloud!

Other stuff we mentioned on today’s episode:

Wanna listen elsewhere? We’re also on Apple PodcastsStitcher and Google Play. As always, song details after the jump.

Me Voy Para Medellín – El Combo De Las Estrellas

Hechizao – Genio El Del Canto Bello

De Tra – Adassa

Fidelina – Alejo Duran

Sexteto Tabalá – Esa Tierra No Es Mía 

Ma Kuagro – Kombilesa Mi


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