Episode 52: Novela Themes

You asked, and we couldn’t resist – this week, we bring you all our fave theme songs from telenovelas. The drama! The twists! The turns! ::Soraya Montenegro voice:: LÁRGATEEEEE!!! JK COME BAAAAACK and tune in for some mad dramática jams, as well as some twists and turns in our own conversation – because if you’re not expecting a Latin Americanist critique of US Leftist spaces nestled between these cheeseball joints, you got us fucked up.

Featuring music by Laura Leon, Yordano, Willy Chirino, Thalía, Yolanda Rayo, and OV7.

Article Pérez mentioned on the episode: Why I Don’t Want to Hear About Your Vacation to Cuba

Wanna listen elsewhere? We’re also on Apple PodcastsStitcher and Google Play. As always, song details after the jump!

Dos Mujeres Un Camino – Laura Leon

Por Estas Calles – Yordano

Lo Que Está Pa Tí – Willy Chirino

Marimar – Thalía

Se Dice De Mi – Yolanda Rayo

Enloquéceme – OV7


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