Meneito 23: We’re back!

Did you miss us? After a lovely verano break we are baaack! In this week’s meneito we share a few of the songs we were listening to while we were gone. We also update you on our adventures while we were away, including how Pérez spent their time in Mexico, and Vero’s run-in with sea creatures at the queer beach. We also announce a very exciting event coming up at the end of this month!

Featuring music by Piso 21, Paulo Londra, Empress Of, Ha*Ash and Prince Royce.

Join us on September 30th in Brooklyn for the New Latin Wave festival! We’ll be recording a live episode with special guest DJ Bembona. Use the code RadioMenea to get special $10 discounted tickets.

We’re also offering a special discount to our tienda in honor of our return, so for a limited time, use the code MENEALO to get 10% any purchases.

The view from El Pipila of Guanajuato by Pérez

Wanna listen elsewhere? Find us on iTunesSoundcloudStitcher and Google Play. As always, song details after the jump!

Te Amo – Piso 21 y Paulo Londra

When I’m With Him – Empress Of

100 Años – Ha*Ash y Prince Royce


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