Episode 70: Lo Nuevo Nuevo

Aquí les llegamos con las novedades! This week we get into some new releases, plus a little more about what’s new around here, porque we’re switching up some cositas at Radio Menea! Tune in to hear cual es el plan – and how you can help us with it! – and a crop of new songs that gush about un amor nuevo, love up on AfroLatinidad, mock anti-immigrant commentary, and explore gender. Plus, a moment to appreciate an influential artist recently departed.

Featuring music by PJ Sin Suela, Luis Fonsi, La Chica, Anuel AA & Karol G, Ms Boogie, and Yoskar Sarante.

Things we talked about during the episode:

Wanna listen elsewhere? Find us on iTunesSoundcloudStitcher and Google Play. As always, song details after the jump!

La Pelúa – PJ Sin Suela

Dime Que No Te Irás – Luis Fonsi

Ratas – La Chica

Secreto – Anuel AA & Karol G

She Roar – Ms Boogie 

No Tengo Suerte En El Amor – Yoskar Sarante


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