Episode 71: ¿Donde Están Los Ladrones?

Do y’all remember 90s Shakira? This week we’re doing a deep dive into her iconic 1998 album ¿Donde Están Los Ladrones? A rollercoaster of breakup feels, we take the ride – rabia, sadness, amargura, and of course, mucho mucho amor! Why do we both love Shaki so much? What makes this album such a classic? What mildly to extremely embarrassing things did this album inspire us to do? How do we feel about 2019 Shaki?

Featuring music by Shakira.

Things we talked about on the episode:

We’re looking for your listener picks! Send us a voice memo to radiomenea@gmail.com with one of your favorite songs by a Latinx artist and why you love it. Picks will be featured on an upcoming episode!

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Si Te Vas

Moscas En La Casa

No Creo


Octavo Día

Ojos Así 


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