¡Feliz cumpleaños Radio Menea!

It’s hard to believe it bbs, but another year of Radio Menea has come and gone! Three years ago this month we launched our first ever episode of this show, and it’s been such a beautiful journey since then. We absolutely love bringing you this show every week and getting to share our love of Latinx music. You all have been incredibly supportive, leaving us reviews, buying our merch, sending listener picks, filling out our survey, and coming out to our live events.

We’ve thought a lot about how best to support this show since we started. While it has always been a labor of love and primarily we do it because it’s really fun, obviously an incredible amount of time and resources go into making it happen. Especially as we’ve grown, we spend more time researching and editing to make sure we give you the best possible content every week.

We’ve thought about lots of things that other podcasts do to support themselves–like patreon for example–but just haven’t felt like that’s the right approach for us at this time. So instead, for now, we’ve decided to use our birthday month like a yearly fundraiser. Last year we asked you all for some birthday support, and you responded! It was beautiful, and it allowed us to launch our merch store, which in turn allowed us to purchase some new equipment this fall, and pay for hosting and website fees. We didn’t take any of that to support ourselves, but just kept it all in the business.

We’ve got big plans for this year (including a very exciting music reporting trip!) and we’re asking you to again consider what you might be able to offer us in terms of support. How do you value this show, and what it offers you? If everyone who listened gave us just $5, we’d have enough resources to support this work for an entire year. So will you consider it?

You can send us a gift via venmo or paypal (radiomenea@gmail.com). We so appreciate you considering offering us whatever you can spare. As a thank you, we’ll send anyone who donates a link to a special playlist we’re curating for you all on spotify. Because at the end of the day it’s all about the music, no? We love introducing to the artists we love, and fostering your connection to our people’s music. And THANK YOU for making producing this show such a joy. Seriously. You all rock. ❤


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