Episode 75: Your Picks

Esta semana, you are the DJs! We were so hype to get so many messages and recs from you, and we have a selection of some of our faves here. You help us address some major gaps (que vergüenza!), we revisit a controversial fave, and best of all, hear your gorgeous voices. If you sent something in that you don’t see included (or if you didn’t get your act together to send us your pick!), no te preocupes – we’re gonna be doing these regularly, so you might hear it on a future episode!

Featuring music by Will Smith, Marc Anthony, Bad Bunny, Los Amigos Invisibles, Maná, Pajarita La Paul, El Individuo, Willie Colón and Rubén Blades.

Things we talked about in the Episode:

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Está Rico – Will Smith, Marc Anthony and Bad Bunny

Rosario – Los Amigos Invisibles

Baila – El Individuo

Siembra – Willie Colón y Rubén Blades

Me Vale – Maná

La Pajarita La Paul – Pa Que Me De Con El Bate


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