Episode 77: Mujeriego

Womanizer, oh, you’re a womanizer, baby. This week we’ve got songs all about mujeriegos–those men who cheat, who run around, who aren’t players, they just crush a lot. Should we be surprised there are so many songs on this theme? Join us as we get into all the intricacies of how machismo plays out in relationships and a few gems from the women who aren’t having it.
Featuring music by Farruko, La India, Melii, Galante El Emperador, Aventura, La Lupe and José José.

Things we talked about in the Episode:

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Mujeriego – José José

Ese Hombre – La India

Mujeriego – Aventura

Icey – Melii

Mujeriego – Galante “El Emperador” Ft Farruko

La Tirana – La Lupe


One thought on “Episode 77: Mujeriego

  1. Hi Mujeres! I found y’all recently and I LOVE everything you do. Thank you for giving so much life and so many jams.


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