Episode 82: La Pajarita La Paul

The second in our trio of episodes recorded on a whirlwind trip to the Dominican Republic, esta semana we bring you a sit down with La Pajarita La Paul. Extravagante, llamativa, and so so fun, Pajarita is a queer DR sensation who’s harnessed social media virality and shaped it into a thriving and growing music career. Tune in to hear more about how they got started, their collaborations and inspirations, and what’s next. Ah! And put your bilingual hats on – este episodio switches off entre inglés y español!

Y un último shoutout to listener Mariel, who put us on to La Pajarita with a listener pick and set it all in motion.

Featuring music by La Pajarita La Paul and La Materialista.

Other things we mentioned:

Wanna listen elsewhere? Find us on iTunesSoundcloudStitcher and Google Play. As always, song details after the jump!

Viven Hablando – La Pajarita La Paul

Deja Tu Estrés – La Pajarita La Paul

Buenísima – La Materialista

El Caramelo – La Pajarita La Paul 

Plátano Maduro – La Pajarita La Paul 

Demagogo – La Pajarita La Paul 


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