Featured as one of The Guardian’s podcasts of the week:

This is a fun and unapologetically Espanglish lesson in Latinx music and, more importantly, a precious insight into Latinx music culture. Their love of such a huge range of music is infectious.

17 Queer and Feminist Latinx Podcasts To Get Into by Yvonne Marquez, Autostraddle

Queer Cuban-American writer Miriam Zoila Pérez and queer Venezuelan writer Verónica Bayetti Flores co-host a podcast showcasing “the fabulous mezcla” of Latinx music. Every other Friday, they bring you the hottest tracks in alternative and mainstream Latinx music, throwback to some old hits, and spotlight emerging artists — all while talking about it through a queer feminist lens. Hell yeah!

13 Latinx Podcasts That Should Be On Your Radar by Manuel Betancourt, Remezcla

Here’s one to add to your list if you’re an avid music fan. This woke podcast is hosted by Verónica Bayetti Flores and Miriam Zoila Pérez who play curators to the best Latinx* music playlists around. Whether singling out protest music by Ana Tijoux and Aventura or shouting out those party songs from Victor Manuelle and J Balvin sure to get you pumped, Radio Menea is here to make sure your Spotify tunes stay on fire.

Photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez for Remezcla

Photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez for Remezcla

This is the Woke Latinx Music Podcast You Should Be Listening To by Isabelia Herrera, Remezcla

“Pérez and Flores engage with Latinx music on a far more nuanced level than many music-oriented podcasts (or podcasts, in general, for that matter) do. Between analysis of J Balvin’s whiteness and giggles about the sappiness of reggaeton romántico, the pair discusses what it’s like to have sex with acrylic nails as long as Ivy Queen’s, and the pros and cons of joining #TeamFeelings in the game of love. It’s sharp, humorous, informative, and informal, like borrowing your woke friend’s Spotify playlist and having them offer annotations for each song. That lightheartedness and humility is something that’s often missing from the stodgy world of NPR.”

This is the Queer Latina Feminist Podcast All Music Lovers Need by Raquel Reichard, Latina Magazine:

“The Latinx feminist podcast by cubanaMiriam Zoila Pérez and venezolanaVerónica Bayetti Flores is the soundtrack to a queer mami’s sancocho: mainstream bachata and reggaeton mixed with alternative Latin punk y hip-hop, some Spanglish, a dash of mujerista thought and, of course, LGBTQ+ analysis sprinkled throughout. Delicioso!”

8 Latino Podcasts For You To Listen To Right Now by Janice Llamoca, Latino USA

As a music-based podcast, Radio Menea brings you a “fabulous mezcla of Latinx music and life.” Verónica Bayetti Flores and Miriam Zoila Pérez flip their playlist between alternative to mainstream and English to Spanish and sprinkle in personal anecdotes which makes you feel like you’re listening to two friends gush over songs in private.

In Songs, Stories, Latino And LGBT Voices On How The Orlando Attack Feels Personal, NPR’s Weekend Edition:

Pérez and Flores, co-hosts of the music podcast Radio Menea, say the music in particular is a crucial element to that sense of connection.

“Music is one of the reasons that people seek a Latino night at a club, because being Latino comes with a really rich culture which includes specific kinds of music, and at this time music has been something that we’ve been using to mourn and to feel connected and to grieve.”

In that spirit, they’ve left us with a few handpicked songs that are resonating with them right now — songs that speak to both the tragedy of that night and the pride they continue to carry with them.

Check Out Radio Menea, A Latinx Music Podcast! by Sesali B.,

“What makes this podcast so dope is that the co-hosts go further than just presenting us with the music that they like. To contextualize the songs that they’ve decided to include and their overall musical tastes, Vero and Miriam – who are Venezuelan and Cuban American, respectively – share stories about about their family histories, migration, diasporic Latin cultures, coming of age, and their ever-evolving feminism.”

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