The Hosts


Miriam Zoila Pérez is a queer Cuban-American writer and activist with a low-key bachata obsession. Pérez writes mostly about topics at the intersection of race, health and gender. She’s a columnist at Colorlines and the founder of Radical Doula. Follow Pérez on twitter @miriamzperez.




vbfVerónica Bayetti Flores is a queer Venezolana writer, rabble-rouser, and music lover. She’s got a soft spot for mujeres and queers in the underground making music and killing the game. She’s been lucky enough to interview a few of them too: Xenia RubinosLa Yegros, Li Saumet of Bomba Estéreo, La Santa Cecilia, and Ana Tijoux have been a few of her favorites. She’s also spent a lot of time advocating for reproductive justice, immigrants’ rights, LGBTQ liberation, and the end of discriminatory policing practices. Follow her on twitter @veroconplatanos.

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