Episode 11: Throwback

Sometimes you need to reach back to the music of your childhood. The songs you grew up with, the songs you made up dances to with your primos and performed in front of the familia. The classics that remind you of your first love, or learning salsa with your papi and tios.

This episode we’re bringing you some of our favorite throwback songs, complete with amazing 80’s fashion and feelings.

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Also you should check out this super lovely write-up of Radio Menea on Remezcla. Gracias to Isabelia Herrera for capturing us so well!

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Episode 10: Covers

Sometimes even classics need a re-do. This week, we look at covers – from Latino music classics to translated versions of English-language hits.

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Episode 9: Shade

Throwing shade. At lovers who have scorned you, lovers who have left you, lovers who have cheated. Throwing shade at former friends, competitors, others in the business. Songs with artful lyrics that master the art of the diss with amazing metaphors, puns and burns.

This week’s episode is all about shade, and the songs that do it oh-so-well. Including convos about the origins of the word shade (hint: queer people of color, specifically ball culture), Vero’s love for Mariah Carey (did you know she’s Venezolana?), why Pérez is mad that she gets so much hate for being a gemini and much more.

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P.S. Check us out on Latina Magazine in this lovely interview with Rachel Reichard. And we’ve now got a section on this website for all the chisme about Radio Menea. We love it when folks are talking about us!

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Episode 8: Nostalgia

Have you ever missed your tierra something fierce? Maybe you left when you were young. Maybe you’re the child of immigrants or political exiles, and you’ve never even been there. Maybe you’re undocumented and can’t go back. Pero you know you know that yearning: home.

Gloria’s right: La tierra te duele. La tierra te da en el medio del alma cuando tu no estás.

Today’s episode is about nostalgia. Homesickness. Diaspora feels! Featuring songs that remind us of home: of the struggle, the hard parts, the beauty, and the resistance. Music and links below.

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Episode 7: Deseo

Hola queridxs,

This is the episode that we had planned to release the week that the Orlando massacre happened. We hope you’ve been taking time to grieve and heal and be with your people in the time since.

Now we’re bringing it back to our regularly scheduled programming with a lighter topic: deseo. Desire is a huge theme in music, and especially Latinx music, and we get into all the things this topic brings up.

Listen in to hear some of our favorite songs that address some of the ways desire shows up in our lives. The feeling you get when you are just inexplicably drawn to someone, when you meet someone on the dance floor, when you just can’t get someone out of your head. As always, all music and links are below.

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Episode 6: Orlando 💔

This week we’re bringing you an unplanned episode in recognition of the massacre in Orlando. We’re devastated, and we hope that our discussion of what happened, it’s impact on us, and some of our mourning and healing process in these days since the attack might help you all with your healing as well.

We bring songs that have been part of our healing and mourning this week. We’ve also both have written and spoken about this attack on queer Latinx space on several outlets. As always, all music and links are below.

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We hope you are holding your loved ones close queridxs, and taking care of yourselves during this tough time.

If you need more joy than sadness in your life right now, you can check out last week’s Queers! episode featuring six queer Latinx artists.

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Episode 5: Queers!

Happy Pride queridxs! For the first episode of June, we are so excited to bring you an episode of Radio Menea featuring queer artists. Listen in to hear about queer Latinx musicians who’ve been doing it since forever, and some of the new generation of out and proud folks who are walking in their footsteps. We also talk about the origins of Pride and its inextricable connection to Latinx resistance.

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Episode 4: Reggaetoneras

We’re not going to lie. We have a serious soft spot for the few but amazing women who are rocking the reggaeton genre, so this week we have an episode all about these mujeres. A dembow beat and a female artist? Yasss! ¿Que más se le puede pedir a la vida?

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All music featured is below, and as promised in today’s episode, Remezcla’s 10 Women in Reggaeton round-up and Soundcloud user Clara!’s amazing ReggaetonerAs mix.

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Episode 3: Verano

It’s here! Everyone’s favorite season. Sundress and shorts weather. Chancla weather. Beach weather! In honor of being so close to summer, this week’s episode is all about verano, and the music that makes us think of the season.

We discuss our favorite things about summer, Vero’s favorite NYC playa, and why summer makes us think about home.

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All of the music we featured is below. Enjoy bbs!

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Episode 2: Afro-Latinx Artists

Afro-Latinx communities have been central to the development of Latinx music – though folks don’t always get their due credit. We didn’t want to get too many episodes in without acknowledging this, so in today’s episode we spotlight some amazing Afro-Latinx artists. There’s no way to cover the depths of Afro-Latinxs’ influence on music in thirty minutes, so we’re linking to some more great resources and work by folks in the community. We hope you’ll take a look!

Please check out: The LatiNegrxs Project, which actively seeks to promote the narratives and perspectives of LatiNegrxs worldwide; The Afro-Latino Festival, which celebrates the contributions that people of African descent from Latin America and the Caribbean have made to New York City and global culture as a whole, and which has a can’t-miss lineup this year; Latino USA’s Afro-Latino episode for perspectives from Afro-Latinxs across generations and diasporas; and the always amazing Alt.Latino’s episodes on Black History Month and with guest DJ/Afro-Puerto Rican badass Tego Calderón.

Listen to the episode on iTunes or Soundcloud, and don’t forget to subscribe!

As always, the music we featured on today’s episode is below and – BONUS! – we made y’all a playlist of some of our faves, who we couldn’t all include in the time we had. Disfruten!

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