Episode 59: Cumbia

This week we’re taking a tour around Latin America through one of our favorite genres–cumbia! We start with Colombia but journey through time and geography tracing some of the ways cumbia has evolved and been adopted by other Latin American countries.

Featuring music by Sonora Dinamita, Los Ángeles Azules, Natalia LaFourcade, La Yegros, Monsieur Perine, Vicentico, Los Hermanos Flores and Nicola Cruz.

Join us on September 30th in Brooklyn for the New Latin Wave festival! We’ll be recording a live episode with special guest DJ Bembona at 3pm. Use the code RadioMenea to get special $10 discounted tickets.

Oye – Sonora Dinamita 

Viene de Mi – La Yegros 

Nunca Es Suficiente – Los Ángeles Azules y Natalia LaFourcade

La Tregua – Monsieur Perine ft Vicentico 

Linda Muchachita – Los Hermanos Flores  

La Cumbia del Olvido – Nicola Cruz 


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