Episode 85: Argentina

Esta semana, we take a deep dive into the music of Argentina — with an accidental yet very welcome focus on las mujeres! Our friend/favorite Argentine and former Alt.Latino co-host Jasmine Garsd is our special invitada and guest DJ. From tango, to cumbia, to tropical punk, Jas brings us un poco de todo. Join us to learn about literature recommendations to pair with each musical selection (!!!), the growing role of feminism in Argentine society, and exactly how we all feel about horror in literature and film (spoiler alert: nos da mucho miedo).

Featuring music by Tita Merello, Kumbia Queers, Juana Molina, Miss Bolivia, J Mena Baron, Paula Maffia, and Sofia Rei.

Things we talked about:

Reading recommendations from Jasmine:

  • Victoria Ocampo
  • Mariana Enriquez
  • Lu Peker
  • Samanta Schweblin

Wanna listen elsewhere? Find us on iTunes, Soundcloud, Stitcher and Google Play. As always, song details after the jump!

Tita Merello – Se Dice De Mi

Kumbia Queers – Chica De Calendario

Juana Molina – Eras

Miss Bolivia + J mena Baron – Se Quema

Paula Maffia Y La Cosa Mostra – Puñalada

Sofia Rei – Arriba Quemando el Sol


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