Episode 86: Orgullo 🌈

Feliz Pride beibis! This orgullo szn we want to bring you another selection of LGBTQ identified artists who are making gorgeous sounds porque hay muchxs!!! Contrary to some publications that will crown a (as far as we know) straight cis dude a queer Latinx icon porque se pinta las uñas, we believe that *actually* queer and trans Latinx musicians deserve that shine. So aquí están, some amazing queer and trans artists for you to start digging into.

Featuring music by Albita, Linn Da Quebrada, Anaís Azul, Gina Chavez, Sailorfag and Elysia Crampton.

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Things we talked about in the episode:

And! We made you a lil orgullo playlist of out LGBTQ Latinx artists! Disfruten!

Son Sin Concepto – Albita

fake dói – Linn Da Quebrada

Healing – Anaís Azul 

Perrear Llorando – Sailorfag

Miles de Millas – Gina Chavez

Oscollo – Elysia Crampton


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